Thursday, April 23, 2009

Planting day!

Here's a picture of some plants I need to plant today. This whole row, all the way up the walkways, represents only a third of the plants I have waiting to be planted. This is going to be more than a one day job - more like a week!

Yesterday turned into a mostly shopping day. I had to get some steel posts for the new berry plants and grape vine which still have to be planted, an Idiots book on Vista and some food shopping for porch sitting with friends tomorrow night. A tree limb fell on the gazebo and busted through the screen, so we had to get a patch for that.

Jim wanted a seafood fix so we had dinner at Red Lobster and headed home. The drive over the mountain was lovely and Tennessee is about a week ahead of us with the warmer weather and there were so many beautiful red buds and other flowering trees in bloom - just lovely.

My original plan yesterday, was to work in the studio till mid afternoon, but Jim wanted to get an earlier start, so the only studio time I got was trimming one plate and closing up the studio and getting changed.

While Jim was showering, I got two more dry sourdough starters going and had to re-feed them twice before bedtime. One is just called North West sourdough and the other San Francisco. It will be interesting to see what,if any, difference there is between those two. They have to be fed a couple of times a day and kept at room temperature for at least 3days, maybe longer. I hope this is going to be worth it and helps to make a sourdough bread that resembles those wonderful crusty, San Francisco sourdoughs.

The cd with the wood pizza/bread oven arrived yesterday, but it's just a series of photos, just like the website. I was hoping for more information - like a material list, some verbal instruction, etc.

Today will be planting all, or most of the day. After breakfast I need to call Dell and see if they can get my wireless mouse and keyboard working, get my seedlings watered and take some plants out from under the basement grow lights and outside now that the evening are going to be above freezing. By then it should be warm enough to start planting. If not, I'll just head for the studio and get a few things done. There's a teapot that I need to assemble today, if possible and other pots that need trimming. They're all covered well so if needed they can stay that way another day.

These days are way too short lately for all the things I want and need to do!

Till later,


  1. wow that's allot of plants to put out. i'm trying to get more myself. Which one is the big black one?? looks familiar. I haven't started my sourdough yet hopefully next week i'll try to start it if i have time.

  2. I think those are two very young persimmon trees. There aren't any leaves on yet, which is getting a bit worrisome! The leaves you see are from a Brugmansia behind the rock.