Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My old studio

Here's a photo of my old studio that I designed to resemble some of the studios I saw in my trips to Japan. The other half of the studio was the industrial side - raw material storage, glaze mixing etc. But this side was used for throwing and display. I designed the throwing area with bat storage underneath and had removable tops that could be placed on top of the throwing areas to hide the wheels when I was having a sale. It was a beautiful studio in and out; but my current one, although not pretty, is larger and finally gives me an indoor kiln space which I love.

I'm off early this morning with my friend Laura. We're meeting at 8am and driving down to Old Fort to a wholesale nursery to get a plant fix. Painters nursery opens it's doors to the public for 3 months every spring. I don't know why I'm going to buy plants since I still have so many to plant; but I think I can get a lot planted starting Thursday when temperatures are going to be in the mid 70's and sunny.

I was able to get some good time in the studio yesterday - still struggling with wet clay but got some throwing done. My clay mixer died, so I've got to remove the cover and see if it just need re-setting, or if I have a serious problem. Right now I'm trying to devote studio time to throwing, trimming and assembling so I can meet my own deadline of having all the work ready for slipping and decorating by the end of the month, which is going to be a challenge since I have to try to devote time for planting and seedling care as well as cooking, shopping and everything else I have to do.

What I need is a wife so I can just make pots! I'd settle for a husband who cooks!

I'm hoping I can get an hour in the garden after lunch to plant the rest of my potatoes, and maybe even plant some carrots and beets. I doubt if there will be any time or energy for the studio after planting. The pots I threw yesterday are covered with plastic so they'll be fine till tomorrow.

Till later,


  1. wow do you also plant squash too. I like the zucini and the summer yellow squash. Have you seen MY Little Chickadee with Mae West And W.C Fields? I'm watching it right now. Now i feel old and i'm only 36 & a 1/2 LOL

  2. King artuhr Flour is on Twitter you can follow them on line. Hey great idea Why can't you be on twitter so allot of people can follow you and this site. Facebook too.

  3. I'm not even sure what Twitter is! LOL

    Right now I'm up to my ears in studio work, planting, sour dough and trying to figure out Vista on this new laptop that arrived yesterday! LOL

    I plant butternut, zucchini, yellow crookneck or straight squash, and my favorite winter squash is buttercup. It's almost like eating a sweet potato.

  4. just planted some avocado squash (korean)... a japanese neighbor gave me some last year and it was delish... i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the squirrels don't eat it before i can harvest

  5. Jim, I sprinkle blood meal around which keeps the bunnies and deer at bay. The problem is that you have to sprinkle it around after every rain. I don't know if it works to keep the squirrels away; but I know that if I sprinkle cayenne pepper in the hole when I plant bulbs, it keeps the squirrels from eating my tulip and other bulbs.
    Avocado squash sounds interesting. Is it a dry type squash? I have some baby hubbard I think I'd like to grow this year along with some other types. The regular hubbard is too big for two people but I'm hoping the baby hubbards will be just right!