Thursday, April 09, 2009

Mashiko Yunomi

Here's a yunomi from Mashiko Japan, with a saturated iron glaze over a resisted clear glaze. I don't know why, the color in the photo is not true and I couldn't get it right even trying, with Paint Shop Pro. It's actually a beautiful, deep brownish red - typical Mashiko, iron red.

Yesterday was a super busy day. A huge crew showed up to do the rock work and by the time Jim and I got back from lunch and doing our Easter food and other shopping, they were close to being finished with the whole job! There's a lot of transplanting and weeding that I'll have to do down the line since I had them widen a couple of the beds.

After I put the groceries away and changed clothes I headed down to the newly raised terraced beds and got one terrace fully planted with the spinach, kale and broccoli transplants, a couple of marigolds and parsley and then started on the next bed, which had to have some weeding done before I could plant the cabbage and cauliflower. I hope the cottontail bunnies don't visit before I get a chance to put down some blood meal to keep them away.

I need to plant a row of potatoes in that second bed. That was on this morning's planting agenda but rain if forecast for this morning and there's a possibility of hail, so it looks like it will be a full studio day instead.

We stopped at the local hardware store on our way home and I got some Red Pontiac potato seeds. I've already planted the Kennebecs and still have some Yukon Golds to plant as well. It doesn't make economic sense to plant potatoes since they're so cheap to buy in bulk; but I love growing them. More than that, I love harvesting them!

The rock workers dug up a few plants but didn't put them back. If I can beat the morning rain, I'll get those replanted before I head for the studio. It will be a full studio day. Dinner is going to be easy - guacamole, nachos and margaritas. I found some Meyer lemons at Earth Fare and they make the best, smoothest margaritas!

Till later,


  1. That sounds great that you plant your own veggies. Today i just picked up 2 hybrid lilies a red one for me and a yellow for my mother. i'll put them on my blog tomorrow night. And i have to get my ham in the oven for sunday. And you tell that cottontail rabbit to get his own veggies. LOL

  2. That last comment you made looks like jim and i have a few things in common . LOL If he wasn't in his 70's and me in my 30's we could have dated along time ago. LOL I'm kidding ask him where the heck was he the whole time LOL. :)

    Your a lucky woman June. right now being single has it's advantages though.