Monday, April 27, 2009

Low fire salt dish

Here's an example of low fired salt work I did in the early 80's. There hasn't been time this week to take more photos of my collection. Maybe I'll find time in the next few days to do that.

Other than cutting asparagus and pulling a couple of weeds, I resisted spending more time in the garden. I did have to search for a misplaced pair of pruners, which I found half buried under the mulch where I was planting the day before. Most of the rest of the day was spent in the studio trimming, waxing, and assembling pots. I also got the clay mixer working. Fortunately, I only had to remove the control box cover and reset it. There was obviously more than the limit of 125 lbs in there, which is what caused the shut off. So before I turned it back on, I removed and bagged about 75 lbs of the reclaim.

After an easy barbecue shrimp dinner, I went back to the studio and threw a couple of 4 lb bowls using the reclaim I removed from the mixer. It was too soft, but I threw practically dry after centering and opening. I left them out overnight and cut them off the bats this morning so they should be ready to trim this afternoon when we get back home.

We have an appointment with the osteopath, lunch out and a stop at Walmart to load up as many bags of mulch that will fit in the car. We have a couple of mulch piles from last years tree work; but to save time and energy, the bagged material will be a faster fix for now. It's important to mulch the newly weeded flower beds as soon as possible before more weed seeds emerge.

Time to see if there are any more asparagus ready for cutting, breakfast, move more over wintering tropical plants from the basement, and get going with the rest of the day.

Till later,


  1. I cannot believe you are already getting asparagus, I'm not even finding the tips coming through the ground yet. My Mom always said growing up that asparagus was just used to decorate the flowers that were used to put on the grave sites. My grandmother would not eat it even after I told her it was a vege. But again, Mamma is the one who took my Aunt's rib eyes and boiled them for 35 minutes to get them tender, I was told that alot of the meats were done this way, because of the lack of refrigeration.
    It was really wonderful to have you and Jim over, the starter and the pot was very generious and I thank you very much.

  2. have you grown lima beans yet? i'm thinking on doing that.

  3. You are very welcome!
    Ron, look closer. I'll bet tthose asparagus are peeking through. My doctor is getting hers already and she's above 3000 feet.
    My mother only served canned asparagus. I never tasted a fresh asparagus until after I was married! It's one of my favorite veggies after tomatoes and beans!
    By the way, I have some rye flavoring that I got from King Arthur flour, as well as some of that diastolic malt, so if you want any of these, let me know and I'll set some aside and get them to you when I return your book which I have yet to get to. Hopefully I'll get to it after dinner tonight. I have no idea how much of that rye flavoring or malt has to be added, so one of us can maybe check back with King Arthur and see if they have any recommendations on their site. It not, they do have their team that will answer questions.

  4. I great lima beans onces but they're not one of my favorites, so I don't give them any garden space any more.