Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Asparagus

Here are a couple of pictures of our first, cutting size, asparagus. I forgot I planted the second, younger ones,in another bed and just spotted them amongst the weeds this morning. My intent was to move some of them this spring but there was way too much else to do in the garden. If the roots aren't too well developed, I may try to move them once the cutting period is over, or when they go dormant.

The plan yesterday was to plant a couple of hostas and then get into the studio in the afternoon; but I wound up working till 5:30. For me, planting is like eating peanuts - I can't just stop at one or two. I wound up planting 3 hostas, two ferns, two white bleeding hearts and four red poppies (only one looked alive), and did a lot of weeding and some hand watering. Then I stopped for a quick lunch on the porch with Jim and our dog Bodhi, and after lunch I took Bodhi for a short walk in search of morels, but none were to be found on our short excursion. This morning I'll try to check our lower meadow and walk a bit deeper in the woods, without Bodhi, whose chain kept getting caught on the greenery.

I also harvested our first asparagus and got enough for us as a side vegetable, or maybe I'll wait another day since some of the thicker ones should be out enough for cutting tomorrow and I can do a light supper of asparagus on toast topped with chopped hard boiled egg, bacon bits and lemon butter. The asparagus row I planted this year is not showing any sign of life so far. The ones I'm cutting now are two and three years old and the three year old are about 1/2" - 3/4"thick.

We had a great time with Ron and Marie Slagle last night. Ron, a great potter and artist as well, lived up to his reputation as a fabulous cook with two amazing pizzas. His crust is to die for; and on top of that he made bananas Foster for dessert - one of our favorites. The company and conversation were as great as the food. On top of that Ron loaned me his book on Flatbreads which I'm hoping to find some time tonight to peruse and maybe scan some pages. My next pizza is going to be made with his crust recipe.

I have all the tomato seedlings hardening off but I'm not going to take a chance planting them just yet. We have to take the rest of the tropical plants from the basement outside today and that will be all the gardening for the day, other than hand watering seedlings and potted plants which Jim says he'll do for me.

Today will be an easy,all day studio day trimming,assembling and waxing pots. I also need to take the cover off the clay mixer control box and see if I can reset it and get it back working. Hopefully, it just needs resetting and hasn't gone bust on me.

Till later,

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  1. wow, that is pretty big veggie and i like asparagus!