Thursday, June 04, 2009

Yellow Rose

This is the most beautiful, yellow rose! Another climber, an heirloom pink rambler, started blooming yesterday. It's acting more like an ungainly shrub rose than climber, so I may have to do some pruning after it blooms to get it to climb.

I did my garden check at 6am when I went out to check the kiln's temperature and the after heavy rain all the flowers look a bit bedraggled. Before the rains came yesterday I got eggplants planted, did some weeding and put more soil around more potatoes; but the weather didn't permit me to do any more planting and the forecast today is for more thundershowers,and showers again tomorrow. There are about 6 flats of plants that desperately need planting.

The kiln is still too hot to unload; so I opened another spy hole at the top front and opened the damper a hair more. Unloading may have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Yesterday I had to deal with a Trojan virus on my desktop and Web Root Spy Sweeper removed it but now I've lost computer sounds and a hardware check says it's a hardware issue; yet I can play sounds of archived radio shows. I guess this morning is going to be spent trying to fix this problem, while I watch the French Open.

If planting is out of the question, I'll start on getting the studio cleaned up for the TRAC tour the weekend of the 12th. I don't plan on starting another throwing cycle until after the tour and until I get caught up with planting.

Tonight is the start of the NBA finals - Lakers versus Orlando. I'm betting on the Lakers winning ! :-)

Till later,


  1. still too hot... wow, that's a well-insulated kiln

  2. It's a hard brick kiln and I don't do anything to it until it goes below 300F, then I slowly start opening ports, damper, etc. It usually takes 3-3 1/2 days to cool and I don't like to rush it, although I do peek a lot! LOL

  3. Wow Your Roses are beautiful and i think the Lakers are going to win again Kobe is a very good player.

    The only computer problem i have is i need a upgrade on a video card to play my new game i bought and i can't ply it without it. :(