Monday, June 22, 2009

Cone 10 -11 Soda test tiles

These are the test tiles from the last soda firing. This afternoon I'll makes assessment and follow up notes on these. I'll also mark the cone they reached on the tile, since I'm still getting too much temperature variation. Looks like some are quite promising and others look like they need a bit of tweaking. Full studio days will have to wait till the weekend at the earliest, while I play catch up with garden work, doctors appointment, and some trips to Asheville and Johnson City to restock the larder.

We're enjoying breakfast with Wimbledon this morning. With Federer and Sharapova matches this morning.

I got 3 hrs in the garden yesterday - planted cantaloupe and cucumbers and got the knoll next to my gallery well weeded and added more mulch, weeded a few other spots, and dead headed one of the climbing roses and a couple of perennials. There's a lot more of that to do today which I'll probably fit it in during the Wimbledon commercial breaks. :-)


  1. nice test tile results... hard to tell, but like the one on the far left, bottom shelf

  2. That's a Josh DeWeese recipe on Helios porcelain. It is nice.