Friday, June 19, 2009

Soda fired Jar

Here's a jar from my latest soda firing - my attempt to get more color on these orange, flashing slipped pots. The green is much brighter than the picture shows. I definitely need Joy Tanner's photography class next month!

Yesterday was busy with some young potter friends, Joy Tanner and Will Baker coming in the morning to pick up some firebricks. I pulled enough for myself to make some more kiln furniture and raise my bag wall, and in the process, dropped a 9 lb firebrick on my left toe which is now piece of art work with the most wonderful shades of purple, burgundy, and black!

Today is the first "no rain" day in a long time, where I'm actually free to do some planting, so after breakfast I'm going to try to get as many of these things in the ground before the heat wilts me completely. It's going up into the 90's today and the humidity is oppressive, so I'm going to have to start early and work fast.

Tonight is porch sitting with our friends, Jim and Laura. Jim picked up a lot of munchies in Asheville yesterday after he got the car serviced, so I'll just have to prep some raw veggies for the the dip.

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