Monday, June 08, 2009

Soda fired seconds display

The gallery was too full of pots, so I thought it was a good idea to make a seconds display in the studio.

Yesterday I got the studio vacuumed, took apart and scrubbed down one of the ware carts and some glaze buckets, and set it up as the seconds display, got the counter tops wiped and arranged some other pots in the gallery. The studio still needs mopping and there's a lot of stuff to put away,sales and snack tables to set up, etc., so those will be my jobs for the next three days, in between doing some outside chores.

I thought I might get out in the afternoon to do some trimming but the thunder started and that ended that thought, so I came in the house and flipped through the Sunday paper and got dinner - fettucini with onion, julienned ham and sliced mushrooms - definitely a heart attack special which we only have about once or twice a year max - so rich and so tasty!

If we get news that our new kitty, Bonnie can have her surgery today, then we'll probably pick her up later and make a grocery store stop to get cookies, juice and some other nibblies for the studio tour. I don't hold much hope that they can do the surgery today because she's so tiny!



  1. how often you give tours? i saw some of your tour on you tube.

  2. I belong to TRAC which has two open studio events a year. Some years I do both the June and December tours and sometimes I just do one.