Saturday, June 27, 2009

Latest cone 10 soda fired test tiles

Here are the test tiles from the last firing. I spent half of yesterday scanning these and getting the information (#, glaze name, recipe etc) up on my yahoo sodasaltfiring group. I have a bit more work to do on it this morning before it's finished, but the majority of recipes are up with just a few more to go.

Last night we enjoyed a great dinner at the seafood buffet at the Inn at Little Switzerland. When we got home I checked the garden and found that those darned bunnies had eaten the tops off all my snow peas! So, before I even changed clothes, I checked my garden supplies and found a spray jar of bunny, deer repellant and went around the garden spraying anything that they've been munching on.

After that we vegged out watching some brit coms on Netflix while I caught up with some email.

Today will be more of the same - breakfast with Wimbledon, Jim hand watering my potted plants, me finishing this cone 10 soda test tile project and later scanning the cone 6 test tiles for the next project. I'll probably finish that tomorrow. The plan is to get these tile projects finished this weekend so I can be back to work in the studio Monday.

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