Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teapot from this firing

Here's a teapot from the firing. It's a particularly nice one, I think.

I got so much more accomplished yesterday morning than I thought I could - did last minute sanding on the last remaining pots, got them priced and into the gallery, did some arranging in the gallery and then hauled some of them to the basement where I've permanently set up my photo cube and took pictures of some of the pots.

We brought the new kitty, Bonnie Lass home from the shelter, and I had so much fun playing with her. Her big bother Bodhi, our Jack Russel terrier, just doesn't know what to make of this new addition; but he is very excited. I'm not sure at this point if he thinks she's a toy or food; but she definitely thinks he's a toy! In fact, I think I can say without exaggeration that at this age, she's thinks of everything as a toy!

Before we picked her up we headed to Walmart to load up a cart with kitty necessities and toys, which she's definitely putting to use. Wish there was a way to get some of that energy!

There's food shopping to do today and I have last minute studio tidying and organizing to do, flowers to arrange for the tour. We have relatives coming over tonight so I have to get everything done, including making appetizers before 5 o'clock. I will definitely be ready for wine and nibblies at 5. I was on antibiotics this past week and couldn't have any wine till last night; but I was too tired last night to even have a glass of wine and fell asleep watching a movie and never saw the end. Fortunately it was an old movie I had seen years ago and remembered the ending.



  1. the best toy to get for Bonnie is a laser light i'm telling ya she will love it got one for precious and she loves chasing the light around everyday.

  2. Right now she's over loaded with toys. We got her a new hut/climbing unit with a scratching post attached, after I saw her using the laundry room door as a scratching post! LOL