Saturday, June 06, 2009

Soda firing photo of middle stack

Got all the pots sanded yesterday and this morning I'll be pricing them while I watch the women's final of the French Open Tennis.
The Gail Nichols mixture worked well, even though the draw tiles seemed dry and I wound up adding a gallon of saturated soda ash solution, which proved to be too much soda but only on the bottom layer of pots, which is making me think that the Nichols mixture may not be migrating through the kiln as it should. I lost most of my mugs on that first level due to an oversupply of dry soda deposit; but got one that I think is fabulous. I think I'll try re-firing one or two of them in one of my tiny test kilns with a long soak.
This afternoon I should be able to get a bit of planting done. We are over run with bunnies! Jim saw 5 little ones around 6 o'clock last night and set out a have a heart trap; but it was empty this morning. I spread more blood meal around the whole garden to keep the little buggers away from my flowers and veggies. I told Jim it might be time to get to the pound and adopt another kitty, to replace our last cat, Shino, who disappeared last fall. We have a feral cat we've been feeding for a couple of years, but she stays away from the house and garden and we think she may have kittens because we haven't seen her for a few days. I just hope she's OK.

Till later,


  1. What's up Doc LOL the pieces look great. so how much does each one go for in your show room?

  2. The bunnies were having a big meeting to see who were going to get the most carrots and other veggies. LOL Tell them get their own graden.

  3. I think I have a solution to the bunny problem - will post more later. :-)

    Prices vary from $10 for the tiniest little cup big enough for a leftover egg yolk, to a about $200; but the majority of work is under $75. My gallery shelves are narrow, so I try to stick to making things that will fit on the shelves.