Friday, June 05, 2009

Unloading the kiln this morning

I unbricked the kiln door yesterday afternoon, and will start unloading this in a few minutes. A killer headache and exhaustion yesterday made me put off unloading till this morning; but I'm raring to go now!

How about those Lakers last night!!! Kobe played out of his mind garnering 40 points in their 100 point, winning game. He was so focused and unstoppable! The Lakers just plain, outplayed Orlando in this opening game for the championships. If they keep playing like this it will be a 4 game win to the championship.

We got about an inch of rain overnight and rain is expected most of the day, so it's a good day for the studio and watching mens semi finals of the French Open which starts at 10am EST. I'll be more listening than watching while I unload the kiln,for part of the telecast; but should see enough of it while I sand pots.

Till later,

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  1. looks like a good firing!