Monday, June 01, 2009

Kiln put to bed

Kiln is cooling and I'm achy and vegging out this morning. Here's a picture of the kiln at the end of the firing and below is a photo of the readings on the FLuke pyrometers before I started salting. I was dead even in temperatures throughout the firing, thanks to the adjustments I made to bag wall, flues and chimney; but these readings don't match the cones because the pyrometers are not quite at the very top or very bottom. I'll make a few more adjustments before the next firing; but I'm definitely on the right track with the changes I made.
I have a new sprayer that has an automatic recharger so I didn't have to pump it the whole time. It doesn't last for the whole spraying cycle; but you can also hand pump it. I imagine I can buy a second recharger for it. Will have to check into that.
It will take 3 days to cool, so I'm going to take this time to catch up on shopping, do some cooking and gardening.
I did a quick perusal of the garden yesterday while I put down blood meal to keep the bunnies at bay and see that all but two corn plants are gone! I don't know if the bunnies, deer or crows got them, so I'm going to replant and put down some netting this time along with blood meal once they sprout.
Today is a shopping and play day combined after a morning rest and recharge time. I just wish these old knees would stop aching. Cone 6 soda is sounding better every firing; or maybe cone 6 electric will be in order after 70! I don't know how my friend Otto does it - firing his wood kiln, alone, in his 90's - must be those sturdy Finnish genes!

Till later,


  1. how's the gardening coming along my indoor roses are doing great but my outside roses are not doing so well those darn gypsy moths are killing my leafs. :(

  2. The garden is doing well; but I haven't had a chance to do anything but put down some blood meal to keep the bunnies and deer at bay and pull a couple of weeds.
    This morning I'm going to transplant some veggie packs.