Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Soda fired mug

This was one of my favorite mugs from the firing. The picture doesn't do justice to the depth of color. It was one I was going to keep for myself but an early tour customer bought it and another one of my favorites before I even got to take more pictures.

Yesterday I got all my test tiles marked and made my assessment and follow up notes. I also got in some gardening time and dead headed several roses and perennials and of course, pulled more weeds. I also worked on the video I made unloading the kiln and have to work on that some more. If it looks OK, I'll put it on you tube tonight. My movie maker software doesn't seem to allow me to adjust text size on the title and closing pages, or maybe I'm just not finding the right button.

Have an osteopathic treatment late this morning, so there won't be any studio or garden time and by the time I do some pick up a few groceries, there won't be much of the afternoon left to start anything but dinner (pasta bolognese tonight).


  1. Stunning mug- You've found that magic point with the whole range of soda glaze from light flashing through heavy orange peel all on a single pot.

    The blue (or cool black?) liner glaze on the interior really sets off the browns & oranges of the exterior.

  2. beautiful cup

  3. Thanks Jay and Jim. Those mugs were on the bottom middle and back shelves and all that soda deposit was from the Gail Nichols Mix (about 4 lbs of her mix), thrown into the firebox. All my soda ash spraying was done higher up, so I think a combination of these two methods and mixes might be a good thing to control the amount of soda deposit. It got a bit too much on some of the pots closest to the firebox. I need to tighten the lower bag wall because of temperature differences, top to bottom, so that, and maybe using a bit less of her mix will get it just right.