Monday, June 15, 2009

Post tour, recharge day

Here's a bowl from last weeks firing. I'm going to try to make more like this, but make them lower, wider and with a bigger rim to decorate. I'm already making a list of things to make to replace what sold, and new ideas to try. Right now I'm taking a post firing, post tour, day off and plan to do nothing but catch up on email mail and play with Bodhi and Bonnie, who is now running around my office (new experience for her), and thinking the shade cord is her new best toy! She's also enjoying running across this keyboard, so it may take me a while to finish this post! LOL
I had a great tour with a bit more visitors than the few past tours I've done. My sales were double and I think I owe that to the detour which brought people right past our property. The last couple of tour maps have us in the wrong location on the map and a lot of people just couldn't find us. Hopefully by the Christmas tour, I'll have some permanent signs up; and maybe next time they'll proof check the map to make sure the printer made the changes they submitted.
I was pooped after 3 days of the tour but managed to stay awake to watch the Lakers win the NBA championship.
Bonnie kitty is sitting in front of my monitor chasing the computer mouse. Too funny!
Well, it's time for breakfast, and if I can perk up I need to feed my sour dough starters and cut some broccoli in the garden which is just right for picking. I noticed yesterday that my early planted potatoes are in bloom, so I might just harvest a few young ones and make a broccoli potato soup tomorrow.



  1. Things are looking good. Good to hear that the show went well for you. I haven't talked to many others yet, but things were looking better than I hoped on Saturday.
    Good looking bowls. Don't you get into that tater patch till after they bloom. HEHE

  2. Can't I just pull out one or two. My doctor said she's already harvested a few early potatoes. I planted the first row in March and they're the ones that are flowering, so maybe I'll just peek when I got out to harvest some broccoli.
    I still haven't fed my San Francisco sour dough starter and need to do that if I want to make a sponge later today and bake a loaf tomorrow.

  3. June, say if a person from out of state wants to buy your pottery show piece. How much would it cost to have it shipped to that person?

  4. It would depend on the weight of the piece and the cost of the size of the box, packing material and the destination of the piece. The Post Office has charts based on weight and distance, so that's a pretty good indication of the cost of shipping; and then you add the cost of the packing. Some people just charge a percentage of the order for shipping and handling.