Sunday, June 14, 2009

My little gallery space

One more studio tour day to go. Hope it will be quiet this morning, which is the norm for tour Sunday's. It was so busy yesterday that I couldn't find any time to blog.
Here's a picture of my little gallery setup with a big fan to keep customers cool. We've been lucky so far with the weather which has been great. None of the predicted thunderstorms hit out area, and maybe we'll get lucky again today.
Sales are up 1/3 over last year and we still have a full tour day to go. I'm thinking that a lot of people have decided to keep their money local in this economy which is helping all the artists. It's been a very nice surprise.
With the state of the economy, I think some of us weren't having high expectations. On top of that the bridge is out near our property and there's a dirt road detour to mine and other studios and I was concerned that might be a deterrent to some tour goers; but God bless them, they're an adventurous lot and were not in any way discouraged by the detour!
Our friend Shane joined us for an after tour porch sitting, margarita and nachos time. After two margaritas and all this tour and pre-tour work, I'm definitely moving at a very slow pace this morning.
Well, tour officially starts in 35 minutes, so I need to open up the studio and gallery and get the morning snacks and juice set out just in case we do get some early bird visitors.


  1. You have a lovely studio. and save some nachos for me. lol

  2. how's bonnie holding up? Is she used to her surroundings yet? When i brought Precious home she used to her home real quick.

  3. Bonnie is doing exceedingly well. She currently has a good living space in our laundry room and bathroom, which gives her plenty of space for all her kitty toys and lots of climbs to climb up and around. She's a pistol - so full of energy and curiosity. I get tired just watching her!

  4. Shane was telling of your "top shelf" margarita's. It didn't surprise me knowing you and Jim's good taste. MAybe I should get serious about visiting! teehee.

  5. We're low on Cuervo Gold tequila and have to get over to Johnson City next week. No one in NC sells orange curacao which is what I use instead of triple sec. I'll let you know when the bar is re-stocked. :-)