Monday, June 29, 2009

Our 50th anniversary today!

Some new irises opened up a couple of days ago. Isn't this color amazing!
Today is Jim's and my 50th anniversary. I can't believe this passage of time!Where did it all go! So many experiences, memories and mutual growth - such a gift!

We're enjoying a quiet morning with our animals, and breakfast with Wimbledon. Later this morning I'm going to take the kitty, Bonnie Lass and her toys and other kitty paraphernalia to my studio and see what her response is to the new environment; but more than that, see if I can get anything done with her in there. It's going to be more observational than anything to see what she can get in trouble with at this stage. She's not quite 4 months old; but boy can she climb and jump high! This morning she slid into our spa tub and had no trouble jumping out! I figure I'll just sit in my new recliner, try to sort and file some of the huge paper piles on my studio desk while keeping an eye on her.

I'm going to try to get a tiny bit of planting done before studio time. If nothing else, I want to plant the basil and a couple of tomatoes which are very pot bound!

We're going out to dinner to celebrate and our son and daughter in law sent us this hugely expensive dessert wine, Chateau Queem (not sure of spelling), so we'll bring dessert home from the restaurant and have it with the wine when we get home - good day so far, with more to come!


  1. congrats on 50! wow, what a milestone

  2. Congratulations, June and Jim!

    ... Ryan (the author of that Daily Ping piece from many years ago)

  3. Thanks guys! It's pretty awesome. My parents made 60, so I'm hoping we can too!

    Good to see you Ryan. How's it going?