Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lilies in bloom

Wow, some of the lilies are in bloom - exquisite!
I checked the garden at 6am, and there wasn't any more bunny damage to my beans and peas - guess the blood meal is working until the next rain. As soon as I get time I'll spray with the bunny/deer repellent which is supposed to work for 30 days.
Today is going to be a super busy day, getting ready for the TRAC tour. Yesterday I got all my throwing bats washed, arranged pots in the gallery and got the floor thoroughly cleaned with the new wet vac. It works great, picking up dried clay spills and doesn't leave streaks like a regular mopping. It was also lot easier on my lower back.
I did a super thorough job of it, moving heavy glaze and slip buckets out from under tables, etc. My friend Shane came over to help me figure out the wet vac since the instructions were somewhat confusing and definitely lacking. Thanks Shane - great potter and all around great guy, who always makes himself available for my big and little emergencies. He's also cute and available ladies. :-)
Jim and I had a nice dinner out and then watched the Lakers game. Orlando was just too good last night, making 75% of their shots; but the Lakers are still ahead in the series 2 games to 1.
After breakfast I'll do more studio organizing and bring some pots in to photograph today or tomorrow. There's food shopping to do at some point today, and if our new kitty had surgery yesterday, we'll be able to bring her home. All we know right now is that she was at the vets yesterday, but the girl at the shelter said that they didn't know if the vet would get to her this week even if her weight was enough to permit the surgery, because there are so many adoptive animals needing to be altered before the shelter will release them to their new owners. We should hear something this morning.


  1. is that one of those stargazers? the fragrance is so intense.

  2. I'll have to smell it when I get a chance. There are two groups of pink Lilies blooming at the moment.I know that one I have was supposed to be a stargazer,and looked like one,turned out not to have any fragrance.

  3. do you have the hybrid lilies? i had two and i gave one to my mother.