Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soda fired serving plate

This plate with a reed and cane handle is from my latest firing. Can't wait to take Joy Tanner's photography class so I can do justice to these pots.
I've been enjoying my recharge time - cooking, playing with the new kitty, catching up on my reading (mainly emails), and making a "to do" studio list for next week.
I tried my new glue gun yesterday, but realize that it will not do what I intended because the glue comes out too thick for making small signature stamps; but I can see that I might be able to use to to make thicker patterns to impress the clay.
Looks like I may get gardening time with two no rain days predicted this weekend. I'd love to get the rest of these plants in the ground before I get started on another studio cycle next week.
Jim added up my TRAC sales last night and found some sales receipts I had missed - nice surprise. He's my unofficial book keeper. It's great for me that he actually enjoys doing that, since I'd rather just make the pots.
Joy Tanner and Will Baker are coming over this morning to see if they can use any of my surplus firebricks for a small soda kiln Joy wants to build. There are some leftover arch bricks from my soda kiln, and a bunch of high alumina firebricks that I got a few years ago to build a tiny wood/diesel fired kiln. But I realize that I don't even have enough time and energy to deal with my current work, garden, cooking, etc. At 69, it's time to slow down a bit and work a bit less and play and meditate a bit more.


  1. Hi June.

    Me Chris here.

    And how are you this afternoon? Me personally, I am not complaining.

    I want to apologize for the two or three emails I sent you before. I figured it was too many in a short time period so I guess I was too quick on the trigger.

    You get back to me when you can. No rush at all. Do not worry.

    Well I figured it was a long time plus you were very busy so I wanted to give you time to do whatever you had to do.

    Anyway, I just wanted to give you a shout out today and see how you are and let you and Jim as well know how I am.

    Well you folks take care and I very much look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Take care.

    All my best,

    P.S.: I sent your daughter Erin a note and she was very sweet and kind. I had a blast speaking with her. And did you enjoy the TRAC tour. Well you take care and make it a great day!

  2. The Tour was great; but very exhausting.Glad to hear you're doing well.
    I don't have time for more personal emails and hope you understand. This blog, studio, garden and taking care of family and animals doesn't leave much time for correspondence other than family.

  3. Ok June. I do understand very much. No problem.

    Would it be ok to post an occasional comment just to check on how you folks are doing and to let you know how I am?

    Maybe one day you can give me a tour of your studio and gallery if that's all right with you. And I would very much like to buy a piece of your great pottery.

    Well you take care and I will hopefully see you soon!

  4. nice serving plate. andmy mother is 63 she never slows down i wish she takes her time for herself.
    taking careof foster kidsand two adoptive teen kids wears her out.

  5. well everything is set for father's day i'm leaving from work early and off to the chart house in philly. reservations are at 5pm hope the rain holds off i'm wearing my best out fit and i already colored my hair the highlights will go in friday or saturday night

  6. Thanks for understanding Chris!

  7. I think I'll cook Jim something special for Father's day - not sure what though - maybe something simple like think cut sirloin on toasted garlic bread, saturated with garlic butter (one of his favorites!).