Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Soda fired jar

Here's another piece from the last firing.
My sourdough is proofing for another ten minutes before I have to add the rest of the flour and salt and start the kneading process. This is going to be a good day to have the smell of baking bread in the house.
We're expecting thunderstorms and heavy rain at times. It feels like it will be a good soup night to go with the bread. I still have to cut the broccoli before it starts flowering, and I'll check google, the fountain of all wisdom, for a broccoli, potato soup recipe.
Last night we watched a Netflix movie on my laptop. If you like wine and a good story, check out "Bottle Shock". It's a true story about how California wines came into prominence with the International wine market in the '70's. We enjoyed it very much! Make sure you have some wine on hand while you watch!
If you subscribe to Netflix, that's one of the movies you get for free that you can watch on your computer, or on your TV with the right connectors.
Time to cut my broccoli and get the bread kneaded and on to its' first rise.


  1. beautiful piece... saw that bottle shock movie, very entertaining and did make me thirsty for a carafe or two

  2. Recipe: Make potato soup,add broccoli,top with a little cheddar.

  3. I found a couple of recipes and took something from each of them. I'll use chicken stock instead of just water to cook the potatoes in. One recipe has the soup served with parmesan coated croutons, but I'll skip those tonight since I'm making San Francisco sourdough bread to go with it.
    I have a new, hand held rechargeable,blender I'm eager to puree the soup with.

  4. This is a beautiful jar! I love the line quality of the added cane paired with your calligraphy.

    Dennis, I'm not big on making soup but with a recipe that simple I could almost make some today :)