Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cone 6 soda glaze tests

Yesterday was spent on getting all the test tiles from my latest cone 10 soda firing and the cone 6 soda firing done in John Britt's soda test kiln. I put all the photos, and recipes, etc. on my yahoo soda salt firing group. You have to be a member to access all the photos and files but membership is easy and free. It's not a chatty group so there are rarely any messages but there are a lot of glaze and slip recipes in the text folders and pictures of peoples kilns and work in the photo folder. Here's the URL for anyone interested:

Many of my tests are done one two or three different clay bodies. Most of these cone 6 tests are pretty dry because there should have been borax in the soda mix to help flux everything more. Both John and I forgot about that little details - OOPS; but I'm very encouraged by the results and plan to re-fire these either in John's kiln or when I get my 4cu ft Olympic gas kiln converted for soda firing. Will Baker is going to cut out some ports when he's free and then I'll spray the interior with ITC, do a little bisque firing and we'll be ready to go.

There's no breakfast with Wimbledon this morning, so after an early breakfast I'm heading for the garden to do some transplanting.


  1. wow! great results, particularly #3/2nd row/1st pic and #3/1st row/2nd pic

  2. Allo I try to join your group but it do not take my Gmail address. Is there any other way to apply ?