Monday, June 01, 2009

Shopping and gardening day

Here's a picture of white and purple perennial geraniums I started from seed a couple of years ago. I love their delicacy and if I dead head them, they bloom again.
While the kiln continues to cool, I'm recovering from the firing and taking care of all the things ones neglects the week or so leading up to a firing. Each year it seems to take longer to recover from a firing.
I find the aging process very interesting. You can still do what you always did but not as long and with longer recovery time. I used to lift 100 lb bags, then after 50, it was 50 lbs bags and now with a titanium hip, I'm not allowed to lift over 25 lbs. I think this slowing down process is nature's way of providing us more reflective, meditative time in our twilight years.
Yesterday was pretty much a total vegging out day. I did manage to broil some chicken and make a salad for dinner,drove up to Banner Elk to the kitchen supply store to buy some things for the house and studio,and a couple of plant buying stops.
After breakfast I'll transplant some veggies and flowers and this afternoon is going to be spent doing the weeks food shopping, lunch out and a couple of stops for studio items - builders sand and a replacement wand for one of my sprayers, then back home to watch some of the French Open tennis.
I'm making orichette pasta with an olive oil, garlic, anchovy sauce with hot pepper flakes sauce,with steamed broccoli and pignoli nuts (Jim's request). I love the dish because it's a nice, ten minute, savory dinners. If any one loves anchovies let me know and I'll post the recipe.

Till later,


  1. i think i got my bug on the roses under control. and my cosmos are coming along pretty good.

  2. Yes, do post the recipe! Thanks, Gay