Sunday, September 30, 2012

This is a truly wonderful talk about the importance of creativity in schools. Watch until the end because it will blow you away. It did me!

Garden work and meeting with handyman, then cooking half the day, since tomorrow I lose my cooking facilities for a week while they tear apart the range top, cut the granite counter top and make holes in the ceiling for the new range hook, took up the greater part of the day along with garden work.

I had all these veggies from our sons and my own garden and a 1/2 gallon of milk for pudding which I had to make today. So we have three days of dessert, and I used the abundance of eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers to make ratatouille which will be lunch for a few days.  For dinner, I made lamb chops and used the fresh beans I picked yesterday and sauteed them with the mushrooms I had and some onion.
A quick trip to our sons place to harvest apples and more zucchini, a Walmart stop on the way home for a birthday card for our daughter--in-law topped off the day, pretty much other than some time I had tp spend downloading a Norton update and installing it since it seems every time Windows does an update, it screw up Norton.

I thought I'd have time and energy to do something with all these apples, but hopefully they'll be fine in the fridge for five days.

Tomorrow I have 5 different work people coming to work - one to work on the kitchen to remove the cooktop and maybe cut the granite, another to  remove the stump from the crab apple tree, another to plant the Japanese maple, and George the handyman to do some follow up work on my raised beds which had to be braced and re-glued today, and last the pool man who still can't seem to find a fix for the pool controls.

It's another one of those, needless to say, no time or energy for the studio days, and tomorrow will probably be more of the same.

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