Saturday, September 08, 2012

Where a day goes

Yesterday went pretty well as planned -breakfast, early morning gardening, meeting with the air conditioner repairman (all is working fine now), nice Thai lunch, Costco to pick up my new glasses and some wine and groceries, home to put it all away, then off  again to our sons house to check out their vegetable garden and orchard, harvest the veggies and fruit, then drive back home to put it away, and then start on dinner.

Costco had some nice little baby clams so I steamed them in white wine with lots of garlic, herbs and spices. That and some crunchy bread and a nice cold Chardonnay was dinner. Oh and, some chocolate biscotti for dessert. The rest of the night was for just vegging out watching the US Open Tennis that I had taped. 

This morning started with  finishing cleaning those clam (cockerel) shells, which I had sitting in soapy water overnight. I use these in my soda firings. There's separated, scrubbed and drying outside. Cleaning those is the only studio related thing I've been able to do the past couple of days.

The tile guys are arriving  any minute, and have said we should probably be out of the house while they seal the new grout; but instead, we're going to hole up in our carpeted bedroom with the dog and cat. I'll do my email and computer cleanup while we watch the US Open tennis. It was 97 degrees at 4:30 yesterday and today is going to be another over 90 degree day, so we're opting to stay in the  house now that we have the air conditioner working again.

Time for me to soak and re-wrap it this toe (only 5 more days of this chore!), and make breakfast. The butcher gave us some Kobe beef bacon to try. We had some a few days ago and it was tasty but also pretty fatty, cooking it the way he suggested. This morning I'm going to cook it a bit longer and hopefully render more of that fat. Needless to say, there probably won't be any time for the studio today.

Last night Jim said that he was longing for just one day where he could just sit and read, and knows that I would love just one full day in the studio. Oh yeah!

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