Thursday, September 27, 2012

Frog catching some shade on a tomato

Check out this little frog resting on a San Marzano tomato. I forgot my camera yesterday or I would have had a great shot of 2 little frogs sitting inside the leaves of one of the artichokes - too precious!

The gardener didn't come to take out the tree, so that is another job postponed. Seems he can't find his chain, couldn't find his friends chain, etc. etc. Good thing I called to check what time he was coming, otherwise I would have been sitting around all day waiting for him.

The fan issue got resolved two ways. I found a used one on ebay and won the bid; and after I paid for it, Jim found a backup that works, sitting on the living room mantle. So now, we possibly have two that work.                  

Most of my day was house and garden chores again. I had to top off the new raised beds with another three bags of potting soil, and thin and transplant some of the seedlings. And since the gardener wasn't coming to pull out that tree, I suggested we pick up a subway sandwich, head to our sons place on the river so I could work in his garden for a bit, and then sit by the river and watch the salmon jump as we ate our lunch.

Then I had to get to the local Co-op nursery to pick up some more veggie starters to plant today. They didn't have any spinach left, so I got lettuce and onions to add to the second raised bed.

When we got home and I put everything away and then took a break with email and ordered a book on square foot gardening and did more research on the method and made some charts for myself.  There's a lot of information on line and I even found a place that has free software so you can create planting plans based on the size of your beds. I also ordered four grids that can sit in the beds to make planting easier. There was a problem when I planted the first bed, because the handyman did not make the width of the bed 4 feet as I specified, and made it two inches too short. So I'll have to cut those grids and adjust my planting. Time to buy a new circular saw!

Before I knew it, it was time to clean the beans I picked earlier and get dinner started. Needless to say, there wasn't any time for the studio.

Made a good breakfast (bacon, onion, serrano chile scramble), now I'll start on a breakfast , nutty fruity bread, do my watering and plant all the starters I bought yesterday; and other than watching the bread on and off, the rest of the day is for the studio till 4:30 and then it will be time to make some salad and cook the linguini and clam sauce. The days sure fill up and pass so quickly lately!

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