Saturday, September 15, 2012

Interesting throwing video for teachers and new throwers

This might be a helpful video for your students or new throwers.  In between each centering and throwing move there's video of his hand positions for each move, but without the clay on the wheel, so the student gets to actually see what both hands are doing in relation to each other and the clay.

Right after breakfast we're heading out to the local Rock and Gem museum. I'm an old rock hound, and the rock club members are having their annual parking lot sale and I'm curious to see what materials they are finding locally. Now that I have a place in the garage for my rock saws, Genie cabbing machine and jewelry table, I may be able to find time this winter to cut and cab some of that material I've been carting around for years.

I should be back here in my studio before 11a.m to  get started on weighing out some clear and other cone 04-03 glazes for testing next week.  The plan is to fire to 03 and then make whatever adjustments may be needed. Initially I thought about firing to cone 1, but I'm not sure that I want to go that high with the earthenware. Going high enough to make the body a bit tighter, but not lose the soft quality that I like in the lower firing is what I'm aiming for.

It's a whole new area for me that is worthy of exploration. It will be interesting journey, departing from everything I've done for almost 40 years. It's never too late to push yourself past your comfort zone - good for the ego and for keeping the mind alert for sure.

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