Monday, September 17, 2012

Blue screen of death morning

Woke up to a blue screen of death on this laptop. When I went to bed, the computer was doing a bunch of updates. I guess they didn't work! Fortunately, I got that problem solved fairly quickly; but I hope that isn't a portent of how the rest of the day will be going!

I checked the little test kiln first thing this morning but it still needs more time to cool. My hope was that I could load it early and do another firing today; but since that won't happen, I'll just load it and fire again tomorrow.

This morning is Bodhi's day to go to the doggie groomer. Jim and I will  have breakfast out and then go back to the groomer to pick up a well groomed, sweet smelling Bodhi. I probably won't be getting to the studio till the afternoon. By then I should be able to unload those engobe tests, re-load the kiln with the rest of the tiles, then  start applying the under glazes. I'd also like to weigh out another couple of glaze tests before I have to start on our  eggplant parmigiano dinner.

Those eggplants keep coming and coming! And with these 90 degree and higher days, the eggplant and zucchini invasion will continue a while longer.


  1. I put a zichinni in my smoothie e dry morning. Can't taste it but nutritiously good.

  2. With all those eggplants and zucchini, you'll have enough Ratatouille to feed a whole Army! Or Qdoba-style veggie burritos. Mmmmm...eggplant!!!

  3. I love ratatouille but Jim is a bit lukewarm about it. Yet he loves the warm, chunky ratatouille like sauce I make for pasta. Go figure!

  4. Anxiously waiting to see the engobe tests!

  5. There won't be much to see with these tests since most tiles just have 3 white engobes and a couple have blue, yellow and cream. All the white ones are to be used as a base for under glaze and clear glaze tests. I think I batched only a couple of glazes.

    In another week or two I should have all of these done - maybe sooner if I can get more studio time.