Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last night's dinner was Yaki soba noodles with snow peas and zucchini from our son and daughter-in-laws garden, in addition to some onions, garlic and mushroom. It's a great, quick, one pot meal.

Since I was a bit under the weather yesterday, other than morning "have to" chores and making dinner, I took it very easy the rest of the day; but I did get a lot sit down work done - noting ideas for earthenware pots, making out shopping lists and computer work.

I'm still unclear as to what direction I want to go with the future earthenware pots, so I spent a lot of time on the Internet looking at some of the more contemporary earthenware. I know what direction I don't want to take - trying to duplicate old slip ware; but not yet sure if I want to go to a more contemporary with designs, or choose another direction.

I think many of the forms I made for my soda/salt firings will work with the earthenware, so that will be a starting point, and it will inevitable evolve from there.

As for today, it will be another take it fairly easy day, since I'm still dealing with swollen glands, chills, etc. and just feeling very tired. After garden chores and breakfast, I will get a bit of studio time that was planned for yesterday, and after lunch I need to get to our sons place and harvest veggies and do a bit of maintenance on their raised beds. Then it will be a quick stop at the hardware store and grocery store and home to make our Saturday supper of Sloppy Joe's.


  1. Hope you hit your stride again soon! I've never done a salt firing although I've seen it done a couple of times I always love the effect!

  2. It looks like getting back to the soda pots will be a ways ago. First I have to finish this earthenware tests and get this house and garden work finished. All in good time, though.