Sunday, September 16, 2012

Engobe tests

Got these dried yesterday, loaded in the small test kiln early this morning, weighed out and got a revised slip on a few tiles and weighed out a few more cone 04-03 glazes. 

We had a great time partying on the river last night. It was a family, friends and celebrity filled night with good food, good wine, and some lovely music and stories.

Now it's time to think about getting started on our dinner - pork chops au poivre with a sherry cream sauce, salad and corn on the cob with mango sorbet and macerated fruit for dessert.We are so lucky to have a great butcher shop only a few minutes from our house. I'm going to really enjoy cooking this winter on my new range top with such a great selection of fresh fish and local meats. It's been years since we lived anywhere where there was a good, local butcher.

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