Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where the day went

This is where I spent part of my day yesterday. It's our son and daughter-in-laws lovely raised bed veggie garden. There are nine of these beds as well as a flat area where I planted zucchini, crookneck squash and watermelons. And my daughter-in-law, put in some asparagus this spring.  It's all deer proofed as is their main  fruit orchard.

It always amazes me how a day can just get away from you - computer problems, dealing with deliveries etc on top of the other things like cleaning the fridge, cooking, eating,  email, garden care and all the other little things that eat up more time and energy.

Yesterday our new exhaust hood arrived so I had to move things in the garage to make way for it. Since all the container plants had to be moved because of the delivery of the first raised bed, I now have to hand water them every day because all the emitters don't fit anymore in their new position.

A week or two ago I found that a lot of my soda/salt recipes that some one had posted on Wikiclay a while back were incomplete- missing oxide additions, etc. So the only clay related work I did yesterday was to retrieve all my glaze notebooks and correct those recipes.

It was also a day to drive to our sons place and tend his raised bed garden, harvest the veggies, plant more lettuce and arugula seeds, pull a few weeds, check the orchard, then stop for some groceries and a birthday card for one of our grandsons, followed by a stop at  friends to drop off some veggies, then home to put away groceries and start on dinner. At my age, once dinner and dishes are done, I'm ready to call it a day other than dealing with paperwork, email, sketching and just leaning back and watching something on Netflix.

Since we had to dig up a bunch of perennials in the area where we're placing the two new, big raised beds, I need to spend some time right after breakfast to find  some places to plant some of them before it gets too hot.

Then I need to get in some kitchen time and make something with these apples I harvested yesterday. The trees weren't sprayed, so the apples are not in shape to store, so I'm thinking that apple tartin would be a good  choice. Dinner is going to be simple and quick - broiled chicken breasts, corn on the cob and potato salad which is already made.

It's 6:30am,  I've had my first cup of tea  and it's too cool and dark outside for garden work, so I'm heading to the studio to continue mixing and sieving those C 04-03 glaze tests  and dipping the test tiles before I have to think about breakfast.


  1. I would like for you to adopt me and come make me a garden like that and take care of it! What a beautiful way to nourish the body :)

    1. Any time Tracey! :-) I do love growing some of my own veggies and herbs - have ever since we bought our first house. And our son and daughter caught the bug as you can see from the photos of our sons place. Our daughter lives in an apartment in Munich but has a little solarium where she grows tomatoes and other veggies,and some herbs.

  2. Wow watermelons I've never tried to grow melon, to be honest it barely gets hot enough here to grow tomatoes!

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    1. You're warm enough but maybe too wet unless you take some precautions. You can try growing them in a raised bed or create a wide mound, and put some black plastic around the mound to keep the soil really warm. The way to get sweet cantaloupes and other melons, is to keep the watering very low about a week before they're ready for picking and that allows them to sweeten up. If they get too much water around that time, the cantaloupes can just lose flavor and merely taste watery.

  4. I'd love to get dimensions of the raised beds...they are beautiful.