Monday, September 10, 2012

new signature stamps

After searching out the possibility of having a professional signature stamp made, I decided to just go ahead and make my own again. That took up half the day yesterday,  first with sketching then drawing the design on plaster which I had made earlier.  I had the plaster already made. Basically, just mix up a bit of plaster and use a small, paper cup as a mold. That way you have both the top and the bottom to carve. Those become your masters and if you damage your stamp, it's easy to just impress and bisque fire another one. The last thing was to weigh out a bit of porcelain with a bit of ball clay added and use that for the stamps.

Sorry for the blurry photos, but my little digital camera doesn't like closeups. Hopefully my next camera  will work better for these close ups.

Since I'm still dealing with an abundance of zucchini, I made zucchini fritters for lunch, then took time to read the Sunday papers and go through some paperwork. The rest of Sunday was for watching the women's US Open tennis final (congratulation to Serena Williams - very impressive at 30 to win another major title). Then it was time to think about dinner - marinated, grilled lamb chops, baked potato and home grown green beans Caesar style. While prepping dinner I was watching "Julie and Julia", easy to do both with our new open kitchen/living room.  As someone who loves to cook,this great room wonderful. It removes that isolation that often is felt when working in a small, closed kitchen.

Not sure yet what today's schedule is going to be. We have a meeting with the contractor scheduled for today or tomorrow, which ever works best for him,  about the new range top and hood/vent  installation. I need his input before I order the vent. At some point we have to drive to our sons place so I can check the garden and harvest whatever is ready. Somewhere in between garden and kitchen chores, there should be a little bit of time to get into the studio.

Meantime, I need to get started on my garden chores before thinking about breakfast. Love these cooler mornings!


  1. Ahhhh, my favorite movie! The other day Gerry was out of town and Wesley back in school and Julie and Julia was on. I made a big pot of mac and cheese, lots of different cheeses, sat down with that and a beer and watched it twice. Comfort food and comfort movie!

  2. I can't get the idea of Boeuf Bourgignon out of my head ; but I will use restraint and wait for cool weather before tackling that recipe again! Julia's recipe is worth all the time and trouble!
    I think we'll do mac and cheese tomorrow. It's the ultimate comfort food! Jim wanted it tonight, but our local shop had beautiful, fresh sole which I couldn't resist, so it was filet of sole with a fresh tomato shallot, garlic lemon sauce, sauteed herbed, zucchini and onions and boiled parsley potatoes.Since I couldn't get studio time today, I decided to spend more time in the kitchen.

  3. Stop! You are both making me hungrier!