Monday, September 03, 2012

Party time is over

Our son and his  family left for L.A. this afternoon, so that's the end of the daily partying and dining until they come back up for Thanksgiving. We're going to miss them terribly! In fact, we already do!

A few hours ago  I spent a bit of time digging up my Cone 10 glaze notes and  glazing notebook and writing down some of the liner glazes that I need to batch so I can take the next step in finishing  these soda pots. These cooler mornings and evenings will soon bring on some cooler days which is when I can get that little soda gas kiln fired. In the meantime I need to spend this week finishing these earthenware tests. Now that all but one slip is made (I decided today to test a light blue slip tomorrow), there are a few clear and white glazes to batch while these tiles finish drying.

I have a lot of small jars of under glazes to test; but in trying to keep it simple, once they're tested, I'll pick maybe 5 or 6 colors that I think would work well together and use those as a starting point.

It feels strange to be simultaneously juggling this new direction of earthenware and the old soda work. Fortunately it's only temporary.

The challenge of earthenware will probably be frustrating at times (I've been reading Tony Clennell's journey into the world of earthenware and the challenges he's been dealing with); but at the same time, I figure that in the end, the ease of loading and firing an electric kiln will  be more than worth whatever setbacks or frustrations I'll have to face journeying this unknown territory.

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