Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hunter Fan remote problem and suggestion

Just got off the phone with Hunter fans, trying to get a fix for the remote  for the living room fan. Bottom line is - no replacement remotes available and their only suggestion is to buy another four hundred and something fan and pay an electrician to hang it. Well, I'll give you one guess as to what company's fans we won't be buying! The fan works just fine, but the remote isn't working on the light part. So be warned about this company and maybe other fan companies which may operate the same way. My suggestion if you have a ceiling fan/light that uses a remote, is order a replacement if and while they're still available.

The handyman delivered the second raised bed this morning but his helper couldn't get his car started, so now they're scheduled to be here at one and I'll be helping fill it with all those remaining bags of potting soil; and then I'll be off to the store for some spinach starts to plant.

Looks like another day of meager studio time; but I do have time to weigh out another glaze test or two before the handyman arrives, so off I go.


  1. We have two of the Hunter fan/lights in our home. They both work well---BUT when my son turns on his fan or light with his remote our living room fan or light goes on (not off.) My son gave us the simple solution (change the code) but to do that we have to get up to the fan hanging from a 17ft high ceiling. We can do it. But we haven't! Is funny to have so little control! : )

  2. The fan light works with manual controls? I was thinking it might be some connection within the light. I've had Hunter fans and haven't had a problem with them. Most recently I've had a fan with added remote that I bought at Lowe's. Never had any problem with it, but it didn't have a light...

  3. I found a used remote on ebay. Hopefully that will solve the problem. We can get the fan on but when we turn it off we have to remove the battery from the remote. The light just flickers like crazy, so Jim found a way to turn on the remote, remove battery, turn it back on, etc so we can just get the fan working.