Thursday, September 27, 2012

Looks like we will be going out to eat most of next week. Our contractor came back from vacation, and came over to go over the new range top and vent,  measure, tell the sub what he needs to do etc; and they are coming in Monday to start cutting holes in granite, cabinetry, and the ceiling to install the range top and range hood.  We're told it's going to be a week, so we will get to try a few new restaurants - not a bad outcome!

My other big chores of the day were finishing planting the raised beds and making a nice dinner. We're in zone 7b (at  least what one web site said), so I'm right at the edge of being OK to plant beets and carrots, which I planted today, as well as popping in more lettuce and a lot of onions..

It's another "needless to say, no studio time day"; but hey, this is what retirement looks like. You can sleep in if you wish, and let the day unfold without the have tos. The big thing is to not to try to do all you ddid wenty years before or work the same, very long hours of your youth. If you do, you retirement or part retirement is going to be an unhappy time in your life.

Since we will be eating out most of next week, I've planned some meals for the next three days, trying to use up some of this abundance of veggies that I'm getting from my sons and my garden. Before I planned the meals for the next 3 days, I was thinking that I was planning easy meals for studio days. So tomorrow is stir fry yaki soba noodles with garden veggies and mushrooms and Saturday is another easy recipe - Sloppy Joe's and Sunday will be a lamb chop dinner. I still haven't used all these apples, so there will probably be soem kind of apple dessert one or more evenings.

Fortunately, I have no meetings tomorrow, no outside appointments, no shopping to do and no intensive gardening to do, so it will give me studio time. I only have a couple of glazes to sieve and get on bisqued tiles and get the underglazes on the rest of the tiles with clear glazes over. If I can get out there early enough, I might even be able to get all of that done tomorrow (she says while keeping her fingers crossed).

Trying to manage time and energies in ones 70's is a whole other life changing adjustment for people like myself who have always been able to work hard, long hours, when needed, and still maintain a home and garden and keep a family happy. Boy does age take a chink out of each of those areas. At some point, comes the realization that you can no longer do it all; and you either grow old gracefully, or you become frustrated and unahppy. I think it's best to go with the flow of that life offers. As the old saying goes "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!. What I'm basically saying is that although I wish I had more energy and more time at the moment, the reality, is that I don't; but I love our life and I live with the Polly Anna philosophy that all will get done, in good time.

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