Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wilting in paradise

We are sitting here in 90 degree weather, wilting and drinking some good wine. It's been another day in the dust bowl but not as bad yesterday, thank God! But the oppressive  heat is another issue. All the dust from grinding out the grout someone got up into the vents and we've been without air conditioning since yesterday afternoon.

Jim and I spent 1 1/2hrs. last night, non stop, working in the heat, at a rapid base, dusting, vacuuming and washing everything in the house, until we literally cold not lift one more finger to wipe one more thing. We left the last of the floor cleanup, for once their done and out of here.

An air conditioner serviceman showed up at 7pm tonight, took one look at the air conditioner and declared "It's frozen". So he shut it off to allow the ice to melt and told us to leave the thermostat on, so after the ice melts, in a few hours, we can turn the unit back on and we might get some cooling. Meantime we are wilted and that's an understatement. He'll be back late tomorrow morning to install a new, less complicated thermostat, for $80. I think I should rename the pottery "The Money Pit". Shambhala pottery, meansa place where  all are welcome to come and  live in peace and safety. Maybe we're inviting too many "need to pay" visitors with that spiritual name. Something to think about! :-)

Tomorrow we get a respite and have outdoor chores to  do, like pick up my new glasses and do some grocery shopping, and maybe make a quick stop at the pottery supply store for a few things.. The tile guys will be back Saturday to seal the new grout and then I'll have to do the last big cleanup. The post grouting sponging they did left the same smears that you get when you mop your clay covered studio floor, so that's going to be another major mopping job for me Sunday.

I'm getting too old for so much donkey work and Jim is older and his state of health won't allow him to do any heavy work or lifting. Getting old is definitely not for sissies, as a dear, old friend has wisely stated.

Meantime, I'm going to finish this second glass of 2007 Villa Antori and a chocolate covered biscotti and be very grateful for the good parts of the day! And a salute to my dear friend Lis Wedge, who's another grey panther warrior, fighting the battle of aging with grace and humor!


  1. You can get more done in one day than I sometimes get done in a week! The falls and the surgery I had this summer sure were a wake up call for me about aging! It really is not for a sissy, but I refuse to accept the fact that I'm getting older, maybe that will help, haha!

  2. Strong will and maybe a bit of stubborness is the only way to face this aging issue. My mantra in my 79's is "I can and I will dammit!" LOL

  3. OOPS! That should have read in my70's not 79's! LOL