Thursday, September 13, 2012

Party night

Yesterday wasanother  one of those running around town kind of days - breakfast out, doctors appointment (toe has healed well, so no more soaking, medicating, re-wrapping), then off to the pottery supply store to pick up some pre-ordered items, followed by Home Depot to return something, and lastly some wine and grocery shopping.  That took us to the afternoon.

After lunch, we drove to our sons place where I checked the garden and orchard, weeded and planted more the lettuce and garlic I picked the day before.. Then it was back home to start on dinner, do the rest of the email and off to bed and asleep by 9. I think I made about the first ten minutes of a Miss Marple on Netflix before I was off to dream land.

This morning I'm trying to get everytrhing done for tonight's dinner with friends, who are on a no fat, vegan diet. The house is tidied, the garden work is done,  table is set for tonight, cornbread (for Jim and I is done), the main course of spicy beans is made and most importantly, the big batch of margaritas is made. I got some corn tortillas for our friends and since I have some salsa made and tortillas are not an option for our friends diet, I figured out that t if you slice jicama thin, it makes a nice scoop for the salsa .  Now, I just have to clean and macerate the fruit that's going over the mango sorbet for dessert, and I'll be done.

That will take me to noon, and after lunch I'm heading to the studio to put away those raw materials and get a few hours of other studio time.

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