Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good day to buy a range hood

We had a good meeting with the contractor about the installation of the new range top and vent, which we have to order today. Most of those cost more than our first car! So, after breakfast and garden work, we have to head out to the two appliance stores  he recommended to price and hopefully order the vent/hood for the new range top. Some of those take 4-6 weeks to arrive, so this is not going to be a project that gets done quickly unless we get lucky and find someone who has this one in stock.  I am soooo looking forward to having decent burners and a good vent!

There are a couple of other stops to make to pick up some landscaping cloth to have on hand to line the new raised beds that should be here soon; and Jim wants to replenish his wine stock, and I need to pick up a couple of grocery items. This range and hood installation and the raised beds are the two last big projects for this house that will need my input and work. There's just some interior paint trim touch up and outdoor stucco paint trim to do but that won't interfere with my schedule since I'll have Jim search out the painter for the outdoor trim and our handyman can do the indoor trim touch up since we have that paint on hand and it doesn't need an expert to match it.

So the good news for me is that after tomorrow (my doctors appointment for my post toe surgery checkup),
 I should be able to get  a lot more studio time. As a gardener, and someone who doesn't necessarily like the cold, I usually don't look forward to that first frost which portends the cold, damp winter to come; but this year I won't mind it, because it means that I will have a lot more time to make pots and cook those long simmering stews and soups on my new range top while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.

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