Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Got a little bit of studio time yesterday to weigh out a couple more test glazes and will try to do more of the same after breakfast and garden watering this morning.

The rest of the yesterday was dealing with household and other garden chores like filling the second, new raised bed with potting soil. This morning I have to move potted plants around which is going to be a bit of a challenge since the new beds took up more room than I thought they would, after leaving some walking/access space in between. Moving them means I need to get the garden helper to re-do all the drip system emitters at some point.

A good block of time was spent trying to figure out, make calls and then finally search out a replacement for the living room fan remote which is not working. And after frustrating calls to Hunter fan, the result was them saying there are no replacement remotes available and the only alternative is to buy and install a new fan, I searched google  and found a used remote on Ebay. I won the bid and hopefully that problem will be solved!

After a shower, we headed out to try a new restaurant in Asheville - - Amuse. It was truly wonderful. The chef is the owner and his wife is the pastry chef who had been the pastry chef at the French Laundry, probably the best restaurant in the country. After all the donkey work of the afternoon and skipping lunch, we opted for a 3 course meal. I brought half my cornish hen entree home so I could make room the the best beignets I have ever had. They were huge, light as a feather and served with sabayon and raspberry sauces.We will definitely be going back!

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