Friday, September 21, 2012

Raised bed number one done and filled

Yesterday I got involved in the studio and never did get any of the planting done; but what I did do was get all the new engobe tests glazed with four different clear glazes, as well as a few colored one, and weighed out another one or two glazes.  Now that that's done,  I need to apply the under glazes on the rest of the tiles and get those glazed.. I should be able to start on that tomorrow after I do some fall veggie planting.

This morning  was spent on outside chores - harvesting more veggies at our sons house, getting to a couple of stores in search for a new garden  sprayer,  a quick stop for some pick up groceries, a stop at Good Will in search of an old electric frying pan to use in the studio to melt wax (no luck). I threw out the one I had when we moved thinking it would be easy to find another one; but I have not found one in 3 months of looking. Then it was time to head back, drop off  some of the veggies for friends,  head for home to put away groceries, make quesadilas for lunch, and pesto for the freezer.

Soon after that, George, the handyman arrived with the 70 bags of potting soil and we used over half of them to fill the first raised bed after lining it with landscaping fabric.  He's going to try to finish the second bed over the weekend and deliver it on Monday; and by Tuesday I will have all my fall veggie planting done.

Tomorrow morning I'll plant this bed with the veggie starters I bought the other day. Right now we're heading out to the local Mexican restaurant. I'm definitely ready for an  extra large margarita after all that donkey work.

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