Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Living in a dust bowl for another day

 Since I've been complaining non stop about how much I hate the cook top that came with the house (most of the burners are under powered and the design is horrible), Jim finally told me to get whatever I want. Love that man! He said "what are we saving it for, the worms?"  Good point! So yesterday I spent hours comparing and reading reviews about the latest available range tops. I found this  new Capital Culinarian model with four burners and a grill that I'm excited about. It has very powerful burners (23,000 BTU's each) and each burner has a true simmer setting. I'll have to do some research and order a vent and then call the contractor who'll have to co-ordinate all the things needing to be done to get this installed.

Silly me thought I'd get studio time yesterday - no way! I had two workmen here all day chipping and grinding the old grout from our tile floors. I'll be vacuuming  and dusting for days! This morning we put sheets all over the living room and kitchen furniture, something we would have done yesterday had we known how much dust would be kicked up. It was so bad that we thought the air conditioner had broken, but it turned out the filters were so clogged that none of the cool air was coming through. So, first thing this morning new filters went in, and we turned off the air when they started working.

Every time we plug one hole in the dyke, another one pops up. The pool heater isn't working again and they still can't get the expensive, computer controls to work. Every time they replace a part, 3 other parts blow! Getting this house up to par has certainly been an interesting and costly journey!

Needless to say, it's another non-studio day. :-(


  1. Love the cooktop. All the dust is less exciting. You might have to have someone clean it before you clean it.

  2. It's canning season and I have serious stove envy!!

  3. My range top is being sent out this week; but now I have to find out what kind of vent/hood I need. The more I've read up on these the more confused I get. But, I was told it would be best for this high powered range top to get a 42" hood with 1200CFM's. So we need to meet with a contractor soon and get some input before we order one, because I don't understand they whole motor thing exterior, external, etc. He'll have to look at the kitchen and venting possibilities and tell me what to order. I just hope we can get it all done before the middle of October, when our daughter and son-in-law arrive. Like me,our hates this current cook top and we're looking forward to her cooking a couple of lovely dinners(she's a great cook).