Monday, September 24, 2012

Where's the mouse

Bonnie has taken to sitting on my laptop at every opportunity. Maybe she's heard me talking about my mouse and figures it's nearby. That's as good a guess as any as to why she is suddenly enamored of this computer!

Today was a bit of this and that.  I got my regular morning garden chores done after breakfast and transplanted two roses. Our new range top was delivered so now we just need the contractor to get back from his vacation and get it and the range hood installed. Then I got to the studio to mark a bunch of test tiles and then came up and updated my test notes. That was interrupted with the handyman showing up with the second raised bed. He left it on a trailer in front of the house and will be back with someone in the morning to help him get it to the back yard.

Since I'm still dealing with an abundance of eggplant and zucchini, I made a ratatouille type pasta sauce with them and some peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. Jim has picked out one of our favorite Zins to go with it.

The computer connectivity problem is still ongoing - over 5 days of basically no service, with only  few moments of each day to check email. We're talking of only about an hour altogether each day, and that is if I get lucky and check constantly. Phone calls just result in receiving taped messages and when I finally talked to a real person, he had no idea what is causing the problem - just that he knows there is the problem from Washington and all of Oregon and maybe parts of Northern California. Since Century Link hasn't bothered to share with him what the problem actually is, the poor guy said he's gone from having calls from frustrated users, quickly deteriorating to angry and then abusive callers. Century link needs to at least tell customers what the problem is - you would think!


  1. Bonnie may enjoy the warmth of the computer. Century Link is not that great in Ohio either. Good Luck.

  2. Maybe your computer is warm? Or its the hum of the fan? Cat hair can be a real problem with computer fans!

    Hope you get your computer troubles sorted out soon...

  3. Think you may be right about the heat thing. Guess it's time to
    vacuum the keyboard!