Tuesday, October 02, 2012

This is the wrapped up kitchen as of yesterday. The contractor, very considerately, put up a thin plastic enclosure in the area of the kitchen where they had to cut the granite after removing the old cooktop. It did work to keep the dust down which this flu ridden body appreciated!

This morning he and the plumber inserted the new range top. That was the good news, as well as the fact that the plumber looked at the new range top and said it was the nicest one he's ever seen. He was very impressed at how it was put together and the burners. The slightly bad news was that one of the switches that powers the igniter on one the burners  is not working. So about 4 or 5 phone calls to Massachusetts didn't quite resolve the issue. Hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow. Either they have to send a replacement switch for our contractor to install, or they will have to send a repair person from another state.

On a day when I really wanted to rest, I got everything but. The gardener arrived with the new Japanese maple tree, so I had to deal with getting that placed and watered in as well as the other gardening chores. Computer problems are dominating my time even more. Found out that I need a new network card on the old (actually ancient) desktop, need a new dvd/cd drive on this 3 year old Dell laptop and probably a major fix with a wi fi part because the wi fi connection is lost after only a minute or two on line, or if I switch pages; and that wi fi problem is not the case on my other laptop or Ipad, so it's an internal issue. :-(

There were several meetings more with the contractor about the range top and hood and I had to made some modifications on the installation and so did he. Seems whoever designed this house for an island cook top, put the support beam almost directly above where the hole would need to go for the range hood. 

Then there was more time with the gardener while he put in the drip system for the new beds. The handyman had to be called since he was a no show, no call yesterday. He admitted that he forgot but promised to be here today to continue making an adjustment to the raised beds. It's almost 7pm and he still hasn't arrived. By 7:30 I'm going to be in my pj's an in bed watching some mindless TV while doing email.

Before he left, I had another meeting with the contractor about his getting me some kind of metal enclosure made for my tiny, gas, soda kiln. I told him that ideally, it it had to be in pieces that were hinged so I could fold them flat for storage when not in use. He came up with the idea of making something using magnetic strips to hold the parts together. He measured the area and said he'd give it more thought. When  he left, we removed all the sheets that we had put down to protect the furniture from the construction dust, then drove to our sons place so I could do some hand watering and harvest some veggies. Then it was back home, get the mail, put away the veggies, and reheat the sloppy Joe filling in the microwave  for our leftovers dinner. It's been that kind of a day - busy, frustrating, tiring but somewhat satisfying in that some things actually got done and others somewhat resolved or at least close to being resolved.

I'm heading to the bedroom to take my last dose of flu medicine and a fistful of vitamins, getting into bed and check out what's on Netflix. And if the phone rings, I'm not answering!


  1. Sounds like you crammed a whole week into Tuesday. Feel better.

  2. My sister went through having to have her granite counter cut and her contractor didn't plastic anything off... she was mopping and dusting for days!
    Get some rest and hope you are on the mend soon