Sunday, October 21, 2012

Test tiles and lamb shanks

Just finished the morning chore of cataloging all those earthenware slip and glaze tests. I tested these on two red earthen ware bodies  - Lagunas R2 and Georgies new V.  I didn't like throwing with the Georgies body. It was like throwing pure iron oxide with a bit of clay thrown in - very sticky, and  a mess to clean up (think of a temmoku or saturated red iron glaze).  There were three base slips that I batched and fired, and a few clear glazes, and some colored variations of those as well as a couple of other glazes.   

The Arbuckle slip created some minute black specks under more than one clear , which resembled illlmenite. The other, slips,  Pinnell,  and a version Ayumis that Ron Philbeck used, worked better. I did some color variation with rutile for a cream and liked those.. I think the warm cream slip would be a ie contrast with some sgrafitto through the white slip. I didn't get the Pinnell slip thick enough so I have to redo those tiles for a good comparison for the Ayumi slip.

Some of the colored glazes show promise, particularly Arbuckles honey which I will definitely test, as is, on some pots. Most of the glazes I tested are a better when thickly applied. Some of the glazes I want to re-batch with some opacifier. I have a full sheet of follow up notes, so I'll be getting to later or tomorrow.

My pre-dinner prep is done, so I can get a couple of hours of studio time before I come in to start on our braised lamb shank dinner.

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