Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Studio day

I slept in this morning, so I'm running an hour late on everything, and blogging in between bites of my cinnamon raisin oatmeal breakfast. First thing I did was to harvest lettuce for a light salad lunch, then do some email.

I've been doing everything else but pottery this week, but don't feel more than a smidgeon of guilt about it!

Yesterday was a day to go to town - specifically, for another visit to Trader Joe's for more of those delicious packaged soups (my new discovery thanks to a recommendation from my lovely daughter-in-law), and some other goodies like Thai red curry sauce that a blogger friend recommended.  Another stop for Halloween candy, as well a my need to buy a new surge protector since the one I had in the bedroom literally went on fire after I knocked a glass of water over at 2 am yesterday, filled in the afternoon.

 In all our years in Western North Carolina, we never had a single trick or treater coming around at Thanksgiving, so this is going to be a very interesting and probably tiring experience answering the door 150 times, which is how many Halloween packets our neighbors said they gave out last year before they ran out!

If the frozen pork chops I forgot to take out the freezer last night, defrost in time, I'll be making bourbon pork chops for dinner.  So now it's time to get out of these pj's and get to the studio and finish glazing those under glaze tests.


  1. We don't get a lot of kids here on Halloween and I sort of miss that. Halloween used to be a big deal at our house. I forgot to mention another Trader Joe find last week. They have molasses ginger cookie dough. I baked them last night for a quick dessert after supper, very yummy and easier than mixing up my usual recipe. The pumpkin bread mix is really good too. I like baking from scratch when I have time, but there isn't a lot of that these days :) let me know how you like that curry sauce....

  2. I'll try that curry sauce next week. I like the idea of adding the coconut milk to it, and lots of veggies like garbanzo beans, cauliflower, potatoes, etc. I like to bake from scratch too and I usually make a banana or zucchini bread when Jim is craving boiled eggs. They go so well together; but I will buy some of that next time I'm there.I got their boxed pumpkin soup and squash soup to try, as well as a couple of more of their tomato soup which I tried and like. Our son an family are flying up for the weekend, so we'll be having family time at their place, so I may not get to do much dinner cooking till next week other than tomorrow. Well,lunch break
    is over, time to get back to the studio.