Thursday, October 18, 2012

 Some lovely work on this video!

First thing this morning, I emptied the tiny test kiln. I'll go through the tests again later when the studio warms up and make my notes. As often happens, there are good results, some mediocre and some surprises. I think I at least one clear glaze to use as a start. It will depend on how the yet to be fired under glaze tests do with the various clear bases over. I'll also want to re-fire all of these higher. A couple are under fired but I knew they could be since they are cone 03.

After breakfast I have to get to our sons to harvest the veggies and make a quick stop for a couple of grocery items. We didn't get there yesterday because the kiln hadn't finished firing. It looks like I need a new infinite switch which I'll order today. A couple of times the kiln just stopped working altogether, and turning off the switch, wiggling it and turning it back on seemed to at least get me through the firing. It made for a long, 13 hour firing to get to cone 04.

When I get back home later, I'll re-check those clear glaze tests and see which ones I want to apply to the test tiles with the under glazes. There's at least one of the clear tests which looked very good. Some of the tests have the tiniest of bubbles, but re-firing those in the larger kiln where I can program a slower firing and a hold at the end, may correct that problem.

Testing always leads to more tests; but this is a good start.

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