Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Foggy valley

Foggy morning, which is pretty typical for the Rogue Valley in fall and winter. When we lived here in the nineties, our property was above the fog, and below the snow line. We were used to the fog in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It can be a very beautiful sight as long as you don't have to drive in it.

Yesterday we were fixated on the TV, following this record breaking storm. It has been devasting to many and several deaths are associated with it; but I think it could have been even worse if those winds had been even higher.

I did manage to get my glaze and slip tests follow up notes done and made a lovely dinner, and the only studio chore I got done was to load the two bottom kiln shelves and load the test tiles; but didn't get around to weighing out another one. That was just as well, since going over my notes, I realize there are several more followup tests I want to re-batch, and I have bisqued tiles on hand,  I'll put this firing off till those are done.

Right now I've got a big breakfast started - kielbasa, artisan bread toast and fresh pineapple. Then I'll be off to the studio to start weighing out more glaze tests. This afternoon is spoken for. I'm making stuffed cabbage which takes a while and while that's cooking I should be able to sneak back to the studio for a bit.

Hope all my eastern friends came through this with little or no damage.


  1. Todd Schuster10/31/12, 7:55 AM

    Hi June. Sadly the damage is beyond compare. Up here in Orange County NY where I live, we came out of it okay. Not too much damage. But south of us, (NYC, New Jersey, especially the Jersey Shore & AC & Long Island too), it's like a war zone. I never saw anything like it. The loss of power & sadly the loss of life. We must pray for the people who lost their homes & who also lost family members as well. I hope you are doing okay out west. We'll get through this, but it's going to take a long time to recover. You all stay well & an early birthday wish to Big Jim (Mr Card Shark)also.

  2. I've been seeing that on the news today. The Jersey shore and Staten Island and Long Island are a mess. Thanks for the birthday wish. I'll pass it on. Stay well and safe Todd!