Sunday, October 28, 2012

Louisiana seafood boil

Enjoying a slow down day after some hard partying last night at our son and daughter in laws house on the river. The guys fished earlier and had a great day, so we started with some great dips Nic made, and a spectacular salmon mousse that Sean made. And as usual,  he opened up his wine cellar and we had some great wines, which is why I'm moving so slowly this morning!

The rest of the cooking was done by Alan Jackson who owns those ten wonderful, gourmet take out, deli restaurants "Lemonade". The Louisiana boil pictured here was an amazing dish filled with lobster, clams, mussels, baby red potatoes and chunks of sausage. Nic also made a separate mussel dish with saffron and other goodies. Her sauce was amazing! Alan also made this pasta, and garlic bread which I passed on since I got a peek of the dessert that was coming. The dessert was a heavenly chocolate and caramel cake with ice cream on the side. Not only was the meal unbelievably good, but Alan packed up the leftover seafood for Jim and I for tonight's dinner. Tell me that I haven't died and gone to heaven!

Yesterday I stopped at Walmart to buy a set of colored magic markers. I've been making sketches for the new earthenware, and I wanted to take some of those sketches and color them in to get an idea of what underglazes colors might work for some of those pots. I only did one this morning and all I can say is wow!. This is going to be a good tool for me to play with and will save a lot of time and waste of the expensive underglazes if I can use these markers to find color combinations I like on paper first. I'll try tomorrow to take a photo of what I did this morning and maybe when I get through this pile of Sunday papers and old snail mail, I might do some more coloring tonight.

A couple of perennials I ordered in the spring arrived yesterday morning, and since today is going to be the warmest day and the only no rain afternoon this week, I need to get out to the garden and plant those this afternoon. There's always something to do and I never understand retired people who are bored! I never have enough time or energy in the day to do all the things I set out to day on any given day! Have a great Sunday everyone!

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