Friday, October 12, 2012

Good news on the gas pressure

I had a lot of phone work to do yesterday while the rest of the family were out and about to Crater Lake. I found out that our  house gas has 7" of WCP, which is the minimum I need to fire the little gas kiln, so that was good news. Next week, when company's gone,  I need to find a place to buy some scrap metal to create a wind barrier around the kiln for firing, so I need to do some web and yellow pages searching for that in the next day or two.

There was finally a call from the manufactures of my range top to tell me they have a call in to a local appliance store about fixing this new range top. They're waiting to hear back from them and said they would call me. It's been about ten days or so and many phone calls before the company actually returned my call. The stove is great, but they do have to do a little fix and some burner adjustments. The burners are so powerful that a small pot of Jim's coffee water boils almost instantly, it seems.

Everyone has gone off to have a heart attack breakfast and I'm opting for a bowl of gluten free cereal with rice dream and banana. Then I'll do the other half of my watering and head to the studio to make draw rings, cone packs and finish the wadding I didn't get to yesterday when everyone got home earlier than expected.

Erin and Jim and going off to shop for several hours.Germany isn't big on discount stores, so Erin is off to Ross for Less, TJ Max, and a few other stores.  Sven, our son-n-law will come back after breakfast and just relax. Like many men, he's not big on shopping, so I think he plans to spend time around the spa and pool with his kindle when he gets back.

Tonight is lobster night, so I just have to bake potatoes and our daughter will make the salad. Our local butcher/gourmet store ordered some  Maine lobsters for us; and he steams them. So we just have to pick them up - a very nice service!

Our daughter and son in law live in Germany, and the seafood is very expensive, so we always try to have  some as a special treat for them when they visit.

That's it for this morning. Time to get on with the next things on my list.

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