Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rainy day busyness

This is a new one! Can someone tell me why my right side up photo suddenly got turned sideways when uploaded to this page? I tried a few times and there doesn't seem to be any setting that I can see to let me turn it once it's on this page.

Here's last night dinner. The stuffed cabbage tasted particularly good on a cool, damp, night. Best part is that for all the work, we have another meal tomorrow. Tonight it's just simple garden picked salad and cheese raviolis with marinara sauce - just trying to balance out these meat meals a bit.
Feeling sleepy and lazy today; but did manage to get out to breakfast with Jim, do some pick up shopping, and finally get to the library and get a library card.  I also got out in the rain to pick my lettuce and have the dinner salad ready. So now I can take a little break.

The local library has a real slim selection of pottery books (I think I counted about 3 or 4 that were instructional) on hand, but they gave me the information to check all the library materials available throughout the county and any of them can be ordered and sent to my local, little library.

Fortunately, one of books they had was "Tin-glazed Earthenware", which looks promising, so I'm going to start on that in a bit. At first peek, it looks like there's some good technical information and recipes as well and photos of some nice work.

We have all the Halloween candy ready and a lot of it since neighbors tell me they had over 150 kids in our neighborhood last year. One neighbor said that they bus them in. Don't know if he meant that literally, but it's a good place for them to come - lots of houses in a golf community, all close together, so you can get lots of goodies without much walking. So bring on those cute little ankle biters - we're ready!


  1. Thats a lot of kids! Hope you had a great halloween : )

  2. I had a restful one since Jim volunteered to take over the job of handing out candy. His office is not far from the front door and he took refuge in his leather recliner in between. Needless to say, he didn't get much rest in the 3 1/2 hours of trick or treator onslaught.
    Hope you had a great one too!

  3. WOnder if Jim gets recognized still for his TV work when out and about, as Card Sharks is certainly still on GSN in reruns.